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By chiefbrody
I've copied @monster's post introducing the 2018 exchange. Same rules, but will we try and have a regional split to keep costs low?

Once we get a total count, we will assign numbers to each particpant. Then someone (TBC) will use a random number generator to assign the numbers to each other.
Each person sends TBC their address and a want list of 3-5 items (new or used) which TBC forwards to their assigned santa. Then they send the gift directly to you.

1) The person sending to you isn't necessarily the person you are sending to.
2) it is possible to get a foreign address so you have to be cool with sending out international shipping at your cost or order from a euro distro and have it drop shipped.
3) Value to spend is typically $20 to $40
4) Last year we kept is strictly to soundtracks and similar stuff (library records, imagined ost etc)
By chiefbrody
So far we have

ScoJo (EU)
Inksb (US)
Texasvinyl (US)
Static14 (US)
Mateo (US)
Tim28212 (US)
Dick_Tremayne (US)
Bezulsqy (EU)
Dollarhyde (EU)
Chief (EU)
monsterworship (US)
Hatter313 (US)
Bub (US)
Deafmetal (US)

Deadline for sign up 15 Nov?
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By Bezulsqy
Thanks @Chief for creating this thread.

I am based in the EU and first time I got paired with someone in US which isn't a problem for me. I did use a Discogs seller in the US the keep shipping costs low for me.

This time I want to pack the record myself so I can create a more personal package. Because that means I have to have a record delivered to me and ship it out again I would prefer to have someone in the EU. Thinking about it while I type this I actually don't care. Pair me up with anybody. This Christmas I ship worldwide! Ho ho ho!

Looking forward to this. I am going to check me want list for Christmas candidates now!
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By Hatter313
throw me on too please.
By chiefbrody
monsterworship wrote: Wed Nov 06, 2019 5:18 pm i've added my name to the list.

I wasn't looking to steal any thunder @monster, just brought it up yesterday and started the thread. I'm happy for (nay, strongly suggesting) you take the reigns if you want (?)
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By Hatter313
Chief, I’m US also, sorry forgot to tag that
By chiefbrody
Glad to see so many keen to do this.

Just a suggestion for the randomizer when we get to it - why don't we have someone from the US arrange the EU Santa and an EU member arrange the US one... I think in the past @monster would know who his Secret Santa was(?).