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By inksb
I ordered both as usual :)

I'm really happy to see Rupert getting a release though, his Day of the Triffids and Dune soundtracks on Bibliotape's were great.
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By Mateo Sanboval
inksb wrote: Mon Dec 09, 2019 1:49 pm I ordered both as usual :)

I'm really happy to see Rupert getting a release though, his Day of the Triffids and Dune soundtracks on Bibliotape's were great.
Mr. Lally has had a busy year.
Hey... hey.. been a little while since we last put out a tape, but that changes tomorrow.

Probably not the best timing with everything that's going on in the world (or maybe it's the perfect time to give folks something new to listen to, I don't know...) but in any event, Bandcamp - the mechanism that we use for direct sales - is waiving the fee it normally takes on each artist sale for 12 hours only on Friday 20th, from midnight to midnight PST.

So, while the thinking was to put this out early April... with composer Andy Fosberry and a bunch of artists who have released with us having had jobs cancelled and monies lost due to pretty much everything shutting down for the next 2 to 3 months... it makes sense to put it up for sale Fri instead. Tape sales available via - we're doing an option of 'Neptune Blue' ( a cool recycled ice blue shell) or 'Space Spatter' (blood red glitter) cassette shells..

Here's the lowdown:

‘Death Ship 2047’ by Andy Fosberry: Sci-fi inspired electronic themes for a journey into hell and back

Strap yourself in for a sonic voyage on ‘Death Ship 2047’, the latest dramatic dark synth album from electronic composer Andy Fosberry, inspired by Paul WS Anderson’s visceral 1997 space horror ‘Event Horizon’.

Released on Spun Out Of Control as a limited run of collectable coloured cassette shells + digital download, with exclusively commissioned cover and inner j-card artwork by Eric Adrian Lee. Catalogue number: SOS 036.

Composer Andy Fosberry on ‘Death Ship 2047’:

Expanded universes are, and have been, part of genre culture for many years. Entire series of books, comics, graphic novels, video games and other media have flourished, inspired by the stories that we love. Though I’m not sure if these have ever included an album of new music...

In 2019, it was announced that a revisit to the story of the 1997 film Event Horizon was being developed by a major studio. This was always such an interesting film to me. The original concept, the incredible ‘space gothic’ production design and visceral execution stuck in my mind, as a huge fan of darker science fiction, ever since I first saw it. And even with its tales of rushed post-production, lost or missing footage and resulting inherent flaws, it has rightly become a touchstone in modern horror.

Science fiction stories are universal, filled with wonder, hope, adventure, danger and promise. But with Event Horizon, it offered the idea that the mode of transportation supposed to access the wonder, would instead deliver you to endless horror.

Inspired by new life being breathed into this universe nearly a quarter of a century later, I wanted to create a new piece of music that fit into that infinite space, existed around it, and explored the corners that we wouldn’t need eyes to see.
I created a palette of sounds and wrote the initial piece ‘A Decaying Orbit Around Neptune’ first as a suite. For this, I dove into the darker parts of the orchestra: pitch black synths and drums I created from tapping, scraping and hitting metallic buildings and doors.

I wanted music that is heavy on atmospheric weight, and all its sharp edges come from the percussion. As busy as my other composition work keeps me, I found myself often thinking about these sounds and a wider story to the one we already know. So, whenever time was spare, I would return to the project and write more music, each track darker than the one before.

Before long, I had an album. Death Ship 2047 was born.
Andy Fosberry Death Ship 2047 cassette Spun Out Of Control cover.jpg
Andy Fosberry Death Ship 2047 cassette Spun Out Of Control cover.jpg (1.01 MiB) Viewed 972 times
New Andy Fosberry 'Death Ship 2047' tape now up on Bandcamp for yer delectation... Glitter tapes seem to have the slight edge on the Neptune Blue so far, but both are flying out...

And for those who spin the digital 'circles'.... (that little 'loading' icon)

As Bandcamp is waiving its fees for today only, and in light of the pandemic, have made all our older releases 'PAY WHAT YOU WANT' for the digital downloads for 24 hours.

100% of this will be passed on to the artists - so this is your chance to deep dive into the archive of 39 releases over the past 4 years, plug any gaps in your collection and buy the musicians a pint or a coffee in the process...
Bandcamp pay what you want Spun Out Of Control.jpg
Bandcamp pay what you want Spun Out Of Control.jpg (350.69 KiB) Viewed 944 times
Oh wow... gorgeous stuff Bez... thank you so much for the continued support & hope you are enjoying the tunes!

Have a new one out today to plug a couple of gaps and to coincide with Bandcamp waiving their artist fees for 24 hours from 8am UK time / midnight PDT, May 1st.

Have also made older digital releases PAY WHAT YOU WANT for 24 hours as monies received go direct to the artists in this time of Covid19

Head to to check it owt!

Here's some more details on the release in the meantime:

“This is a soundtrack for the age of mass information, isolation and corrupted communication… experimenting with lo-fi found sound, dissonant noise, faulty tape loops and digital manipulation…”

The crackle of ghostly radio signals and sonorous drones blends with pitch-black electronica on ‘Intercept’, an album heavy on glitch-y atmospherics from industrial rock musician turned composer Steve Nolan and shadowy electronic artist Grey Frequency, aka Gavin Morrow.

Released digitally and as a run of strictly limited cassettes on Spun Out Of Control (catalogue number SOS 037), this is very much a late night headphone listen, transporting the listener to otherworldly realms hidden in plain sight.

The score-like delivery devised by the inspired pairing holds obvious appeal for fans of Sunn O)))’s output, as well as Jóhann Jóhannsson’s Mandy soundtrack and, more recently Ben Salisbury, Geoff Barrow and the Insects’ work on DEVS.

“The lines of communication are now open…”

So make sure you’re tuned in.
Steve Nolan Grey Frequency Intercept cassette.jpg
Steve Nolan Grey Frequency Intercept cassette.jpg (553.26 KiB) Viewed 749 times
Steve Nolan Grey Frequency Intercept album cassette copy.jpg
Steve Nolan Grey Frequency Intercept album cassette copy.jpg (689.82 KiB) Viewed 749 times
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By inksb
Ordered! Today is getting expensive :P

I already bought Alessandroni reissue, this and an ambient reissue I've been chasing for 2 years. I feel bad, I want to support so many more artists on bandcamp today but it's just not economically feasible.
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By reddye6
Got a question for the Death Ship 2047 release. Is each variant in a run of 100? Was going to add to the Discogs entry for both variants.
Hi chaps... many thanks for the pick up... and yes I also spent more than I was imagining on Bandcamp last Friday. Think everyone brought forward their releases to land on that day - or even recorded special EP's to make the most of it. I guess everyone is sitting at home going slightly mad (tho' ScoJo's movie stream is helping!)

Yes we did 200 of Andy's tape. split evenly between the two variants.

The same as with Steve & Gavin's new one :)
For the cassette crew... responding to many requests we have a 're-press' - or re-awakening - of Hattie Cooke's The Sleepers out for Bandcamp Friday...

This version comes on 'Pink Dreams' (fluorescent pink) tape

Grab it here: ... e-sleepers
The Sleepers Hattie Cooke tape Spun Out Of Control copy.jpg
The Sleepers Hattie Cooke tape Spun Out Of Control copy.jpg (419.86 KiB) Viewed 415 times
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By inksb
I prefer the original green but pink looks pretty awesome and I love that you changed the artwork as well, nice touch. Happy people who missed out can pick up a copy, it's a killer album.
Some newbies going up for pre-order this Friday.

Expanding things by launching a new label - Spun Out Sounds - that won't be just soundtracks and cinematic electronica - but a whole wide genre of music.

Our first release - Things That We Should Fear by Nevergrand - kinda bridges the two labels. It's cinematic in places, as one half of the duo is composer Jan Borré (who you'll recall from his Star Trek inspired Grayson album and horror soundtrack Where The Skin Lies), with the other half being sensational soul vocalist Steve Kashala.

It's been described as 'space funk', neo soul and early reports have cited the fluid synth grooves of Herbie Hancock meets the vocals of Superstition era Stevie Wonder.

Vinyl already up at Norman Records for the early risers: ... hould-fear

Preview the opening track here: ... ll-my-time

We've also got a new Spun Out Of Control cassette up this Friday: Girl Zero from shadowy Italian synthesist Gavino Morretti. Worth checking if you've ever imagined how Vangelis, John Carpenter and Brad Fiedel collaborating on a soundtrack for a low budget Italian B-movie about gladiatorial cyborgs from 1987 would sound. (Haven't we all?!!)

Preview track up on Soundcloud: ... -the-arena
SOS039 Girl Zero Gavino Morretti tape.jpg
SOS039 Girl Zero Gavino Morretti tape.jpg (240.74 KiB) Viewed 308 times
Nevergrand Things That We Should Fear back cover red + black splatter.jpg
Nevergrand Things That We Should Fear back cover red + black splatter.jpg (183.15 KiB) Viewed 308 times
Nevergrand Things That We Should Fear front cover red + black splatter.jpg
Nevergrand Things That We Should Fear front cover red + black splatter.jpg (214.75 KiB) Viewed 308 times
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By inksb
So I've never heard of Gavino Morretti, so I went to look him up and there is zero information on him as an artist. I'm assuming it's just some one working under a different name similar to Stephen J Buckley situation where he has like 5 different names he releases music under. The only thing I can find on Gavino is 3 fake soundtracks released under Disko Nero Recordings.
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By inksb
Spun out of control wrote: Tue Jul 07, 2020 1:11 pm Hi @inksb

Yeah, loved the Satan Complex & Alien Terrors albums he did, so when he sent me the latest & the chance came to partner up on a release, we took it... simple as!

If you read the credits to the j-card you can probably work out pretty quickly who the artist is (as if it matters :))
Thanks, looking forward to the tape. I'll see if I can figure out who it is by the j-card
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