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Cheers for the interest chaps - yes you won't be disappointed by Bryce's latest I feel...

I mean, I loved his City Depths and WASP albums we put out on cassette a couple of years ago and they are consistent favourites with people discovering our output for the first time... but, having been honing his craft on movie trailers lately, Monochrome Daydream takes it up a notch I reckon :)
Couple of new K7's dropping for Cassette Store Day on October 12th. In store and on Bandcamp.

Some interesting stories & inspirations behind both of them, as per the descriptions below :)

The third Cassette Store Day release in a row from analogue synth maestro Stefan Bachmeier

Stefan Bachmeier returns to Spun Out Of Control for the label’s third successive Cassette Store Day release from the reclusive German electronic musician & science fiction author. Re-mastered from the original analogue reels held in the Bachmeier family archives by Stephen James Buckley (aka Polypores), the dramatically named ‘Döppel’ fizzes with exciting ideas and experimentation.

Limited run of colour cassettes + digital download for Cassette Store Day 2019, with album cover & artwork by Eric Adrian Lee. Catalogue number SOS 033.

Stefan Bachmeier’s original concept for ‘Döppel’:

A chemist working on an experimental strain of LSD has a terrifying revelation: that he has been cloned, and that there are many versions of himself, in facilities around the world, conducting similar research. As he investigates further he discovers not only that this is true, but also that he may not be the original...

Bachmeier's last coherent story (and album) before vanishing was believed to be semi-autobiographical. His notebooks from around this time show that he truly believe he was nothing more than a clone, a hollow facsimile of a man, created in a laboratory as part of a larger experiment. He was utterly obsessed by the idea that he was a 'character' created by someone else, and merely one of many.

He is believed to have contacted a number of other people during this period, claiming that they too were fashioned in a similar way. The claims were dismissed as the ravings of a man who had partaken in too many chemicals, which only served to fuel his descent into paranoia, and his eventual disappearance.


Sci-fi inspired electronic compositions by Belgian film score composer Jan Borré

Cassette Store Day 2019 heralds the return of Belgian electronic musician and film score composer Jan Borré to Spun Out Of Control. Best known to date for providing the soundtrack to Brit/Belgian horror movie ‘Where The Skin Lies’, a previous cassette release on the label, this time Borré has crafted a wholly original collection of synthesizer based instrumentals exploring feelings of disconnection and alienation.

Loosely inspired by the fictional character of Amanda Grayson (mother of Spock from the long running film & TV series) ‘Grayson’ doesn’t sound cold and detached, however, but emotionally lush and warm, thanks to the deployment of a spaceship-load of synths that bubble up in the background before exploding dramatically between your speakers. This is one interstellar trip you’ll want to take!

Limited run of colour cassettes + digital download for Cassette Store Day 2019, with album cover & artwork by Eric Adrian Lee. Catalogue number SOS 034.

Composer Jan Borré on Grayson:

"This is a conceptual soundtrack to a story where an alien gets stranded on a strange world and wanders around looking at strange things, feeling disconnected, but also able to see beauty in things that aren't necessarily meant to be pretty, like feats of technology, clover leaves on motorways, lighting in industrial areas and so on. Amanda Grayson left earth to find love on a strange planet and will always be the outsider…”
Stefan Bachmeier Döppel cassette cover Spun Out Of Control.jpg
Stefan Bachmeier Döppel cassette cover Spun Out Of Control.jpg (887.31 KiB) Viewed 456 times
Jan Borre Grayson cassette cover Spun Out Of Control.jpg
Jan Borre Grayson cassette cover Spun Out Of Control.jpg (864.92 KiB) Viewed 456 times
Thanks for the lurve, guys...

Couple of sample tracks up on now Soundcloud: ... s-brighter ... -of-copies

We have two variants coming next Saturday 12th of each tape - 'Toxic Green Gloop' or 'Reagent Orange' (essentially translucent green or translucent orange) for the Stefan Bachmeier.

For Jan Borré it's Star Burst (glitter) or Purple Cloak of Emptiness (translucent purple).

Also, Norman already has a pre-order up for those who hate to wait.
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Going up on sale in a few minutes over on our Bandcamp... the Cassette Store Day newbies from Stefan Bachmeier and Jan Borré (the latter just reviewed in the new Electronic Sound magazine):
SOS033_BACHMEIER_DESKTOP SCREEN SAVER.jpg (1.84 MiB) Viewed 300 times
JAN BORRÉ GRAYSON SCREENSAVER.jpg (1.78 MiB) Viewed 300 times
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By Mateo Sanboval
Oiche wrote: Sat Oct 12, 2019 7:05 pm Nabbed both too. The kids got me up early and saw the numbers going down fast! Looking forward to these.
Nice work, the kids.
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By Oiche
Mateo Sanboval wrote: Sun Oct 13, 2019 4:08 am
Oiche wrote: Sat Oct 12, 2019 7:05 pm Nabbed both too. The kids got me up early and saw the numbers going down fast! Looking forward to these.
Nice work, the kids.
Maybe I'm just trying to stay positive in the face of chronic sleep deprivation but there's a good degree of serendipity in this garnering of interesting sounds lark...
Ace new interview with rising young LA composer Bryce Miller on the Vehlinggo website, which, for those of you who don't normally peruse it, usually focuses on all things synth wave...

Bryce taks about his new Monochrome Daydream album and much more besides... including how he blagged lunch with Cliff Martinez and winded up scoring trailers for Blade Runner 2049, Godzilla King of the Monsters and the new sequel to The Shining...

Plus, Aaron Vehlinggo's article has possibly the best image caption of all time as this screen grab shows... :)

Well worth 5 or 10 mins of your time HERE: ... interview/

(And - shameless plug - if you haven't ordered Monochrome Daydream yet, there's just a few more days to grab it at the pre-release price at ... e-daydream
Bryce Miller Monochrome Daydream Vehlinggo.jpg
Bryce Miller Monochrome Daydream Vehlinggo.jpg (604.84 KiB) Viewed 152 times
For those not on social media, we have a new cassette out this month.

Hattie Cooke is a rising young female singer songwriter from Brighton - but with The Sleepers' she's in full electronic soundtrack mode.

Pre-order up now and going fast.... ... e-sleepers


Hattie Cooke debuts her new all-electronic album ‘The Sleepers’ on Spun Out Of Control

Don’t sleep… on this new release from Brighton based singer songwriter Hattie Cooke! Following her vocal-based debut on Third Kind Tapes, The Sleepers sees Hattie deliver a cinematic-sounding set of instrumental electronica for Spun Out Of Control. Mixing hauntological drones and emotionally atmospheric tracks with upbeat synth bangers, The Sleepers makes for a thrilling listen that’s hard to second guess.

Released on limited edition dual colour sable green and pink cassette + digital download. Cover and inner j-card artwork by label regular Eric Adrian Lee. Mastered by Nicholas Langley. Retail copies include a download card.

Catalogue number SOS 031.

The story behind ‘The Sleepers’:

People everywhere are falling asleep and not waking up, but nobody knows why. As the scientific community struggles to find a cure, a violent, new cult known as ‘the sect’ emerges with a mission: to sacrifice the sleepers and achieve absolution.

One morning, Maude awakes to find her sleeping son taken by the sect in the night. Searching for answers, she infiltrates the sect posing as a new convert. But she soon finds herself facing unexpected problems when she begins to fall for a fellow member who seems different from the rest.

Will Maude find the answers she’s looking for?
Hattie Cooke The Sleepers tape cover.jpg
Hattie Cooke The Sleepers tape cover.jpg (907.99 KiB) Viewed 121 times
Hattie Cooke cassettes now in hand and shipping out to all those who pre-ordered.

Looking (and sounding) great in their dual coloured shells.

The popularity of this one took us unawares, so we're presently out... but copies can be found at Two Headed Dog, Norman Records & Transmission currently! ... b64a0744b8
Hattie Cooke The Sleepers side view copy.jpg
Hattie Cooke The Sleepers side view copy.jpg (695.67 KiB) Viewed 34 times
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By inksb
Congrats on the recent tapes, they all seem to be selling quite nicely. Hopefully I'll be grabbing the Bryce Miller from 2HD in the next week or so.
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