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By Bezulsqy
Those decks look fantastic. Do you actually notice a difference in sound quality? I can imagine with tapes and those types of quality decks the differences are not really perceptible. But I am not an audiophile, so what do I know :-)
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By static14
The BX-300 to my ear is slightly better on playback (maybe) but being a 3 head deck would take the cake in recording. The RX-202 is no slouch though, and the UDAR is so damn cool. :)
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By static14
Just picked up Scissorhands today at my local shop while grabbing some tapes for my daughter. :)
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By Bezulsqy
I love these pictures @Static. I was looking at some decks for sale here in The Netherlands... but damn pricey. And I have enough tape decks. But still... So very nice.
We are renovating our house this year. And I was thinking of getting a CD changer for the kitchen... To hang on the wall.

By EvanCampbell
Nice seeing those nakamichi's Chris! I always wanted that auto reverse deck. I had two of the lower end nakamichi's the cr 2a and a BX 100. Both were great sounding decks I remember. Still have the BX In storage but sure it needs new belts by now. Sure that 300 sounds great.
By EvanCampbell
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Took out the BX 100 from storage...still sounding great but very faint bird chirp in the pinch roller.
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By ScoJo
Kinda related to the above… I’ve been servicing my Copicat tape delay unit for use at upcoming support slot with Graham Reynolds. Sounding pretty great. No pinch rollers on these bad boys, just carefully calibrated tape tension on the heads. There’s 50x ways these fuckers can go wrong, you live in abject fear using them live.

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