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By The Cult Leader
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He was busy until the end. He just delivered his final finished artwork only 4 days ago for the movie 30 Days of Night which will be revealed soon. RIP friend.
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By deafmetal
So many amazing pieces of work. I come across more all the time that I realize now are his as well. What are your favorites?

Fabio Frizzi posted this photo today of their last collaboration on The Beyond - Composer’s Cut. I thought this was an interesting return to the film especially asking Sciotti to paint another film poster when his original artwork is so iconic. I remember thinking at the time “How did they get this artwork?!”


Some personal favorites of mine are Blood Simple, House by the Cemetery, and City of the Living Dead, but there are just so many to choose from that even picking these three is difficult.



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By ChrisMcQueen007
Besides the Fulci ones that you mentioned (+ Devil's Honey) some favourites of mine are "Bronx Warriors", and "Phenomena", and "Demons" - but there are so many great ones.

His style was really powerful, he was able to capture the "spirit" of the respective movie and then even amp that up - see for example "L'Aldila", I mean the image per se is not directly linked to the movie as there isn't such a scene but you know you'll be in for a ride when you see that poster. To me he his work is summing up everything that is great about 70ties/80ties cult movies - the craziness, the over-the-topness, the fun, the danger, the beauty, the sleaze and the cheese. Love it. RIP.
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By inksb
I also love the Near Dark poster he did. I actually managed to get one on ebay this weekend for a very reasonable price. It's the typical Italian format with the white box on top of the poster. I will most definitely have to order a custom poster frame for it.

I spent some time scrolling through his web store and there is so much great work on there outside of his film stuff.