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By soundtracks of fear
Didn't know where else to put this

O.k so there I was enjoying the second half of my holiday with the family in Italy, in a tiny town called Oria, at the bottom near the heel, when I spot this poster on the wall for some some local gigs

I thought I know that name, had seen it on the Transmission site and had listened to the album, which was bloody good - surely they can't be playing all the way out here. I must find out more! turned out it was in 2 days time in bar/pub 10 mins drive away.
I was going! For sure. The wife said said she would drive :)
We turned up at 10pm to find ourselves the only ones there apart from 'the band', although this was quite cool, also a tad embarassing. We chatted as they spoke English and my wife fluent in Italian helped. They were top guys and had vinyl, stickers and t-shirts, what more should a band have at a gig!!!

They were based in Rome and told my that the LP was not going to be released and was going to be a library record instead, not sure exactly what that meant but with the language barrier and my excitement seems less important to go into too much detail. I told them how pleased I was to have been able to see them live as it was only a few weeks prior I was listening to their album. I told them I would spread the word.
After 4 Leffe's later they hit the stage at about 11.20pm - the place was busy and a turn out they deserved, unfortunately had to leave before the end.

Have a look
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By frozeneyeball
Awesome, Dagar - I'm so jealous! I love the album too but they don't appear to have any plans to play in the UK.
I hope they bring their tour somewhere near me soon!
By Frizzle-Frizzi
Dagar i saw you was the one asking For t-shirt right?

I was the one who asked them to sign My vinyl copies.
Anyway Great band and super kind people
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By soundtracks of fear
Frizzle-Frizzi that's amazing man, it's a small world after all ;)
By Frizzle-Frizzi
Yes i was thinking on the same thing .

Just i want to add.the show was totally free and the pub had the cheapest Price ever saw For really good beers Too!