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By Steve Spettro
deafmetal wrote:@Steve - Thank you for the heads up. I ordered a copy. Congrats again, and I look forward to giving this a spin in a few months.

many thanks dude
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By Steve Spettro
Bezulsqy wrote:I love the artwork. Makes me want to be in a dark room lit with some neon and loud music. I like neon and loud music.

many thanks indeed that was the idea and the porpouse and i'm glad it works
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By Steve Spettro
Records left on Bandcamp, then full sold out

- The Tunnel 7" > 4 copies
- Novy Svet/Spettro Family split > 3 copies
- Inverness tape > 5 copies

all the releases are now at 5 euro

thanks for all the orders in these days, all the packages were sent - you should also receive the new LP soon cause they were already sent by the label

https://spettrofamily.bandcamp.com/albu ... hi-omega-7

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By Steve Spettro
Spettro Family - Rio Lapis
Digipack version of the album Rio Lapis : the artwork will be full made by Gretchen Heinel , who also directed the last video by Gost ' beliar ' - this version also feature two exta (scary) songs never released before - they are taking all the pictures for the artwork in the next days, expect something great -
Out on the New York label Annihilvs Power Electronics

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By Steve Spettro
some news about my project

out real soon ( matter of days ) a digipak repress of the album Rio Lapis ( out on tape in 2012 )

i will start to record a new album soon and will be out with a great label - more details coming next

most of my releases at very special price on my Bandcamp page - https://spettrofamily.bandcamp.com/

stay horror !