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By texasvinyl

I posted about three crates of OST and VGM stuff, a lot I'm not sure I've had listed before.. Holler if you see something you want and I will lower the price at least 10%. The prices should mostly be very good. A couple are moonshots like Nick and Norah but I've had people message me out of the blue looking to buy that one for years, so I figure someone will buy it.
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By texasvinyl
Also, some VGM bootleg is available.

Star Fox
F Zero
Legend of Zelda LTTP
Yoshi island
Road Rash
Wolfenstein 3d

Although I might put the f Zero and star fox on eBay for $1 start bid and see what happens. The prices are bananas, like almost $400 for star fox. I can't even find any sold for f Zero(I don't understand eBay anymore, why do the auction histories get purged now?)
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By Mateo Sanboval
Auction histories are deleted? I haven't spent much time there since January, but I honestly had no idea.
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By inksb
I've seen F-Zero go for between $75-$200 over the last year.

If you want to sell Star Fox for $50 I'll take it :) but you'll make way more money selling it on ebay.

I've also seen people say that there's been a lot of fake account bidding on bootleg VGM music too. Persona 4 boot sold for like $500 recently and the only two bidders that drove that price up were brand new users with zero purchase history.
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By ScoJo
** EDIT **


UK and Euro STBCers (though happy to ship anywhere)...

Moving on some bits I've either never played or just the once. Listed over at discogs at these prices but anybody here interested I will knock off another £2 for anything over £10, and happy to talk multi-deal/offers :) I will thoroughly check over the vinyl condition before any sales are final.

Title / Vinyl Grade / Sleeve Grade / Vinyl Colour / Comments / Discogs Price

THE MIND'S EYE - Steve Moore (Relapse) M/NM/2xLP Black £18
KILLING SPREE - Perry Monroe (Terrorvision) M/M/Transparent Red Splatter £23
GHOSTHOUSE - Piero Montanari (Terrorvision) M/M/Black £19
THE FIFTH ELEMENT - Eric Serra (Mondo) M/M/2xLP Black £33.00
DARKMAN - Danny Elfman (Waxwork) M/M/Clear Orange Swirl £22
FAR CRY 4 - Cliff Martinez (Invada) M/M/Orange+Blue+Green £12 * SOLD*
PROFONDO ROSSO - Goblin, G.Gaslini (Dagored) NM/NM/Black £18
HOT FUZZ - David Arnold (Mondo) M/M/Black £17
FURY - Steven Price (Varese) M/M/Black 10" Black £10
FRENZY - Cevdet Erek (Subtext) M/M/12" Black £3
DJANGO UNCHAINED - Various (Republic) M/NM 2xLP Black £17
CIRCE - Hilmar Hilmarsson etc (Krunk) M/VG+ 2xLP Black Corner bump/crease £15
ALMOST HOLY - Atticus Ross etc (Sacred Bones) M/M/Black £7
THE REVENANT - Ryuichi Sakamoto etc (Milan) M/NM/Blue and White Small corner bump £17
STOKER - Clint Mansell (Milan) NM/NM/White Small bump to edge of rear sleeve £25
SVIDD NEGER - Ulver (Jester) M/NM/Black Gold sleeve variant £22
TAKE SHELTER - David Wingo (Milan) M/NM/Black Small seam split top edge £12
TWIN PEAKS FIRE WALK - Badalamenti (DWRC) M/NM/ 2xLP Red+Blue £18 *SOLD*
CAT IN THE BRAIN - Fabio Frizzi (Mondo) M/M/ 2xLP Black £15
NEW YORK RIPPER - Francesco di Masi (DWRC) M/ Green £12
KISS OF THE DAMNED - Various (Soraya) M/M/Black £9
HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS - Michael Perilstein (DWRC) M/M/Black £14
A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT- Various (DWRC) M/NM / 2xLP Black One bit of die cut letter is creased £15
FORBIDDEN PLANET - Susan Justin (DWRC) M/M Clear £6
FIELD IN ENGLAND RE-IMAGINED - Teeth of the Sea (Rocket) M/M Red £22
DEMON'S ROOK - Various (Poisoned Mind) M /NM Blue Small seam split top edge £8
SYNCHRONICITY - Ben Lovett (DWRC) M/M/Black £23
1922 -Mike Patton (Ipecac) M/M/Black £10 *SOLD*
PREVENGE - Toy Drum (Invada) M/M/Red £16
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By layneharvey
hey ScoJo! Field in England: Re-Imagined is a masterpiece and now i am going to listen to it forthwith - 5 times.
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By ScoJo
Layne old buddy!

Soundeth lyke a planne... (maybe I'll give it another spin myself before doing anything rash.. )