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By 334578rpm
#128618 ... s-releases
So, apparently this is a thing now? It sounds kind of like another RSD but UK and online only with a bunch more "exclusive" releases.
Of note on the initial list of releases is the one from Finders Keepers. "Finders Keepers‘ limited edition release of insanely rare incognito x-rated synth headnodder by Gianfranco Reverberi and Romolo Forlai." Sounds fantastic.

Also, Spencer teased on FB that Mondo is participating.
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By texasvinyl
The FK is this one ... hatam-e-la

You can hear Reverberi doing his saloon piano stuff like on the "Fantasy" LP especially towards the end of the first track. And the B side... well just listen to it haha, I don't know how you would describe it. Savage grooves :)

The 45 is very hard to find so this is definitely a welcome reissue of a killer double sider 7"