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By ScoJo
tim28212 wrote: Sun Nov 20, 2022 6:19 pm Les Baxter – The Beast Within
Blow Out Recordings – BORLP-019
taking this one for another spin
Love those grungy synths mixed with big old school monster music!
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By tim28212
Vampira - Tangerine Dream
Blow Out Recordings – BORLP-018
I must say, the lathe on this one is super quiet, which it needs to be considering the music.
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By reddye6
Tristram Cary
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By ScoJo
Great score, always wanted this one on shellac. Nice MOV pressing, nifty embossed sleeve.

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By inksb
I've been down and out for a week with the virus I managed to avoid for 2.5 years. It has been most unpleasant.

But I felt good enough to spin a record today and this is what I reached for. Just one of those scores that immediately transports me to moments in the film. Beautiful work

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By texasvinyl
Covid sucks! Hope you're on the mend

I still really enjoy this score, the movie too, I miss the day when making a movie like this was viable
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