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By Mateo Sanboval
Deaf, Bub, Static. Great to see all of you of course. Love what you've done with the place.

Static, I haven't heard Yellow in at least three years. Probably longer. How's it holding up?
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By tim28212
Dracula / The Curse of Frankenstein - James Bernard
Tadlow Music ‎– TADLOWLP032
absolutely love this RSD release
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By static14
Young Sherlock Holmes
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By ChrisMcQueen007
texasvinyl wrote: Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:17 pm
Spun out of control wrote: Wed Sep 16, 2020 8:07 pm Recent eBay acquisition from the maestro... equal parts beautiful & dramatic
Nice grab!! I tried to watch the movie, the actress is incredibly beautiful, cinematography was good, but it was a real mess!
Yeah, Franco films are an acquired taste to say the least. I have recently tried to get into those a little more, am reading Steven Thrower‘s first book on him which I think is pretty excellent (as are all his books). Haven‘t seen Justine but some of the films I have seen I would pretty much also file under „a mess“.
In any case the scores in Franco‘s movies are usually really good (e.g. Vampyros Lesbos, She killed in ecstasy - quite liked those films as well), he wanted to become a musician before he took the filmmaker route and apparently was a big jazz aficionado.

And yes, Justine is a great score - congrats @Spun. Have also been looking for a nice copy for a decent price for quite some time.
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