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By milliondollars
this Coltrane is on heavy rotation since a few weeks. one of the best jazz scores that i know, seriously. technically this belongs to the jazz section but it is the lost and forgotten score to the canadian movie The Cat In The Bag actually. the tapes were discovered only recently. do yourself a favour and get a copy of this monster of a jazz record. i got the EU pressing which sounds OK to me. a US pressing exists... ... e/14187644
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By inksb
I don't generally purchase 7" anymore, I never listen to them and they just collect dust on the shelf. I could not pass this one up. Limited to 20 copies (one fore every character in the game). Lathe cut. The characters were randomly distributed but the label owner and I chat about Japanese ambient music often and knows that I love Third Strike so he let me pick my character. Ken was my main so I went with him.

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By ScoJo
An ebay uk seller had this mis-listed at £20 with free shipping (he has since put it up at £42!), whoot whoot!

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By static14
I’m a happy camper.
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