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By monsterworship
tis the season again. Do you want to participate in the 3rd annual STBC Secret Holiday Vinyl Exchange? (STBCSHVE)

Once we get a total count, we will assign numbers to each participant. I'll will use a random number generator to assign the numbers to each other.
Each person sends me their address and a want list of 3-5 items (new or used) which I'll forward to their assigned santa. Then they send the gift directly to you.

1) The person sending to you isn't necessarily the person you are sending to.
2) it is possible to get a foreign address so you have to be cool with sending out international shipping at your cost or order from a euro distro and have it drop shipped.
3) Value to spend is typically $20 to $40
4) Last year we kept is strictly to soundtracks and similar stuff (library records, imagined ost etc)
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By Hatter313