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By inksb
So I've been playing a lot and I mean a lot of Hades lately, it's probably going to end up being my favorite game of the year. It's one of the best rogue-lite games ever, I'd rank it right behind Isaac and Gungeon. It plays incredibly well, has a fantastic story with fully voice acted dialog for everything, great graphics and pretty deep gameplay. I highly recommend checking it out and at $25 it's a steal.

I've also been trying really hard at getting better at Spelunky 2. Notice I didn't say playing, you don't just casually play Spelunky 2, you have to beat your head against the wall for seconds to minutes at a time, get a little better each run. And sometimes RNG just fucks you terribly. It's easily one of the hardest games I've ever played. I enjoy it but damn does progression feel so minimal. I've only made it to level 2-4 three times. I'm dying less on the earlier levels and more afterwards, so eventually I'll get there. Recommended for those that like random, hard as nails platforming with so many secrets you'll never find them all with out help from the internet.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne released their final update with the black dragon Fatalis, a series icon and boy did they not cut any corners on it's update. It's by far the toughest fight in the entire game with no unfair bullshit mechanics. Just tough as nails attacks that come fast and he has some crazy AI. He will see you down across the arena, even though there are 3 others attacking it, he will try to snipe you with an attack to finish you off before dealing with the assholes poking him with sticks. The older fights with Fatalis while hard are kind of slow and a little boring, this fight is far from boring. The perfect way to end the game and it's major update cycle.