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By Mateo Sanboval
deafmetal wrote:Who's gonna throw down for the Point Dune Gallery edition? ;)
Somebody thirsty bugger already snapped that up.
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By ScoJo
Thanks to everyone who grabbed a copy of the new release yesterday - as some of you may have seen through twitter etc, we had to battle through some real weirdness courtesy of Paypal (and believe me, it really was weird! I'll tell you about it over a whiskey one day...) but the support for the label/release was amazing and very much appreciated thanks.

The Art edition and Test Pressings sold out pretty quickly, both from us and through Two Headed Dog, which is very cool - someone even snagged the painting package!! :O

The Deluxe 7" EP is still available however - same music and vinyl as the other editions: super heavy 70gm black wax in an oversize thick card sleeve, screen printed overbag, 4page booklet and mini poster as well as vintage style postcard....phew!

You can order through us, directly: ... eluxe-7-ep

or Two Headed Dog still have a limited amount in store if you're US based, to save you a few pennies on shipping: ... ited-7-ep/

Lastly, I believe TG is spinning a sample of the release and discussing it on today's edition of the DFC, tune in and check it out!

Thanks again for listening, have a great weekend chums :)

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By thedeepness
Wanted the Art Edition but missed it, busy building walls in the basement at the drop :(
Snagged the regular version from 2HD, Looks amazing, can't wait to give it a spin.
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By Bub
thedeepness wrote:Wanted the Art Edition but missed it, busy building walls in the basement at the drop :(
Snagged the regular version from 2HD, Looks amazing, can't wait to give it a spin.
Same for me. Was driving at the time of the drop & I couldn't pull over for a quick grab at it.
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By texasvinyl
PayPal is terrible for sellers and businesses. They can freeze your account, refuse to let you access funds, impose all kinds of insane demands and requirements. It is craziness!
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By ScoJo

Long story short (you might find this interesting/amusing)

Once we dropped Messiah of Evil on friday, we immediately experienced multiple buyers having their payments refused-despite repeated attempts. Hours of fraught messaging back and forth, assuring people we had no idea what was going on/out of our control, and trying to keep everyone happy, whilst attempting to get answers from Paypal. They gave us the usual BS, no help. One buyer in Eastern Europe sent us a screenshot of his refused Paypal transaction: 'Blocked on grounds of Government Restrictions". Wtf was going on? Our account now seemed to be restricted, with other transactions also being held for 72hr review...

After a LOT of guesswork and narrowing down of possibilities, and searching online for advice from sellers with similar issues, we finally cracked it.

Paypal was refusing payments from anyone trying to buy one particular item- the test pressing edition. But....why?

Because Paypal's security protocols flag certain combinations of words, and block transactions that they consider suspicious.

And what was the name of our item, which was causing the problem?


Can you see where this is going?

Issue seemed to finally start resolving, but tbh I've been half expecting Scotland Yard and the Feds to kick down the door these last couple of days! Send your postcards directly to me c/o Gitmo, guys!

Big thank you to anyone who ordered from either ourselves or Two Headed Dog - and for your patience if you had ordering woes. We've contacted everyone who was affected and it's all good, almost everyone will get what they were after, orders shipping out tomorrow. 2HD sold out very quickly in store but have a few of both Deluxe 7" and the more elaborately designed 'Art' edition for the Rendezvous screening/launch party this friday. On that note, have an update and some info which i will post here later!

Cheers dudes, I'm off to watch second half of Cloverfield Paradox - pretty entertaining so far!
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By ScoJo
tim28212 wrote:The movie is streaming on Amazon Prime for those interested.
Thanks Tim!

And on that note.....

So, is anyone interested in a sync screening this friday? Timed to lineup with start of the screening at Rendezvous LA, with full live tweet/STBC/poss even skype linkup with the RLA team?

Only occured to me yest, as a fun way to be involved with the launch since nobody has kickstarted me funds to fly to Cali, and also reboot our beloved Sync Screenings.

Please express an interest below and I'll gauge whether, as an idea, it's a winner or a binner!
Shall we say 8 being the magic signup number here (for personal occult reasons??)

Will also use twitter etc to recruit more viewers...many versions of the film online so plenty of access.

Hold on to love!!
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By Mateo Sanboval
Sound like fun. I'll double check the schedule, but I'm keen to do it.
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By static14
sadly I won’t be able to make it on Friday but you should totally do this! Sounds like a blast. :)
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By maxlevel
Dollarhyde wrote:Would hopefully be up for this, when would this be UK time?
Also need to check if the movie is available to stream in the UK.
Dosnt look like it. It’s not even on iTunes for rental
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