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By Mateo Sanboval
maxlevel wrote:Diabolik and mad max arrived just now, setting up the afternoon nicely

Speaking of setting up, as we were, don't forget about those wawyard chimes...
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By ScoJo
skeletonbutt wrote:That Mad Max is so good! I have the NOTLD one but don't think I've spun it much. Didn't grab me like Mad Max did.
Oh I really dig NotLD, but yes indeed- Mad Max is fierce! The band apparently managed to get endorsement for their rescore from the original cast and George Miller his bad self!
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By ScoJo
Last day of our Morricone Youth competition- buy any MY release from our store and go into the draw to win exclusive test pressing in a one-off sleeve (see vid above!)

Totally up for grabs, we've only got 10 entries so far- decent odds!
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By ScoJo
Thank you Red, beat me to it!

I was honoured to take part in this amazing, ambitious project, and created an album's worth of material collaborating with local people in the area of Birmingham where I grew up. I also designed and shepherded the LP, which references one of my all time favourite albums which is very appropriate to this project: The Langley Schools Music Project.
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Ondes Positives are proud to present this special limited vinyl release of excerpts from 'for-Wards' - an exciting contemporary music project featuring ten composers including:
JUSTIN K BROADRICK [Jesu, Godflesh, Napalm Death],
PRAM [Domino Records],
GRANDMASTER GARETH [Composer of 'Pool Panic' / 'Loot Rascals' game OSTs],
XHOSA COLE [BBC Young Jazz Musician, 2018]

Through soundtrack, electronica, electro-acoustic, minimalism, jazz, library, dubstep and orchestral composition, these tracks take adventurous listeners on a fascinating journey through a diverse modern city-scape.

'for-Wards' was created by one of it's composers, Bobbie-Jane Gardner, to explore the sounds and communities of Birmingham, the UK's diverse second city. Each of the ten composers was assigned a district with which they had a strong connection, working with local community groups and residents to build a library of hyper-local field recordings and generate compositional ideas.
These workshops became the basis and inspiration for the artists' works, which were performed in full during a series of live concerts across the city between 2017 and 2018.

Scott Johannsson created the forty minute minimalist audio-visual/environmental piece 'IRIS', incorporating archive materials, local history, spoken word, Super 8mm film loops, analogue synths and electronics, church organ, guitar and field recordings.

You can find out more about the project at:

● Double Album Limited to 100 Copies for Retail
● 1x 140g Black / 1x 140g White Vinyl
● Digital Download Card of Complete Compositions
● Large 4-Page Booket with Composer Notes
● Sleeve Art and Design by Scott Johannsson
● All Proceeds From Sales Will Go To Charity
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By ScoJo
Bezulsqy wrote:Very nice project. Will buy when I have money again :-) Probably tomorrow!
Blessings pon your house sir! (And thanks for the tantalising Lynch pics youve been posting :)
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