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By videodrome1138
These sound amazing! I can't wait to spin these for days on end.
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By sonnydexter
Orders placed!
By dob66
Very slick website and very easy to order. Looks impressive.

Decent postage too.

Good luck with venture
By philball1974
I've ordered. September is a big pre order mind!

By StrangeVices
@datadiscs Congrats on the official launch and preorder. Yay for @datadiscs !!!
By Occhionero
Order placed. Very good system....
By gojikranz88
very cool stuff. looking forward to seeing what else you come out with. I will throw another vote to Sonic.
By datadiscs
Vectorman was great!

Thanks to everyone for their orders so far. Walter, I recognised your profile pic amongst our orders really early on - cheers for that! :)

Should have some updates and news for everyone soon.
By oaxaca
Holy crap, I've been out of the loop and only just found out about Data Discs randomly today. Video game soundtracks on vinyl! Sega! Streets of Rage! Shenmue! These are the soundtracks to my childhood. Ordered both straight away, I think you guys are on to a massive winner with these releases, and the packages look the biz.

Requests? Definitely dig the House of the Dead suggestion. Jet Set Radio too. Or go all the way back to the 8 bit days and put out some crazy bleepy Master System music. Some of those soundtracks were impressive, check out Ghosthouse!

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By spiral insana
i preordered the Shenmue LP through mondo when absurd and phantasm came out, I should've ordered it directly, still checking the mail for mine. Can't wait to see how they turned out

"I've been too tired lately"
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By Mateo Sanboval
Doing that weird Shopify thing where you can add it to the cart, but not check out. Oh well.
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By texasvinyl
Maybe I grabbed one of the last ones, I know the special editions usually sell out.

They do release these in "windows" where it can sell out within a window but not overall.

Last time for Streets of rage 2 I emailed them, and they told me what time window I should refresh the page.
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By Vapormeyer
Managed to pick up a special edition, can't wait, I've been waiting for Outrun to be released for ages. Lovely memories of me and my dad playing this as a kid. Think I had the tape soundtrack too which came with the Amstrad CPC version, they were the days.
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By texasvinyl
Not a pre-order either, it's ready to go. I had guessed After Burner. They sent out a tweet earlier this week saying they had a surprise release coming plus two big releases later this year.
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By deafmetal
I pumped a heavy amount of quarters into Golden Axe arcade cabs in my youth, goddamn.
That was my go-to Sword & Sorcery game right after the Conan-worshipping Rastan.
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By Dollarhyde
I remember when I was around 7 spending an afternoon watching someone complete the golden axe arcade game. I was in awe watching the ending/credits. The first and maybe only time I have seen something like that in an arcade.

With this release and 'undertale' (via iam8bit) dropping this weekend I feel sorry for anyone that also pre ordered the rez vinyl from iam8bit also. that would be a true wallet buster. I'm now Very happy I passed on the Rez VGOST that was priced at $75.
By ghostfires
There is one 8-bit soundtrack that I used to play the game three or four times in a day as a child just to listen to. I don't believe I've seen anyone ever talk about it, which is a shame. It's beautiful! It's one I would jump through hoops to own on cassette or vinyl...

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