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By deafmetal
@Hatter313 - Yes, indeed. I was also fortunate enough to receive one of those gems @monsterworship dug out of Japan. The quality of the original Vampire Hunter D gatefold LP is fantastic.

If anybody else is interested, don't sleep on this: LINK
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By manuorru
@Tiger Lab

First, good luck Jon for the new adventure! ;-)

Then, need to know about presumed shipping cost for European subscribers, as we can consider to be in!

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By manuorru
Then, need to know about presumed shipping cost for European subscribers, as we can consider to be in!

Sorry, my fault, shipping is set at checkout! :-)
$30, TWIMC.
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By Spun out of control
Must admit to a large amount of ignorance when it comes to Anime soundtracks, apart from the obvious Akira & Hayao Miyazaki scores....

Anywhere we can hear any clips so I can decide if this is worth getting into? ;)

Searching the Net has brought up a couple of very 80s sounding clips on YouTube, but wondered if there was any official Tiger Vinyl link?
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By manuorru
@Spun I'm with you, Anime is definitely not my field!
By StrangeVices
Hey guys,

I just want to thank each and everyone of you who purchased a Wicked City LP, and/or subscription. It's been almost a week and the response has been quite overwhelming and humbling for us. We'll also have a full stream coming very shortly for people who are waiting on listening before buying. I'll keep you posted on that!

For those not too familiar with anime scores, every title, composer and score is really different and individually unique. A lot of the titles we'll be releasing range from anywhere in between electronic, orchestral, traditional, neo-classical... they are all over the place. But they are all big and wild sounding!

I really just wanted to come on here and tell you that we are extremely grateful for all of your support! Sure, we do anime, but they are still film scores, and you guys are the crew that fully appreciates the movement!
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By deafmetal
@TigerLab - Happy to support the label. Some of us that grew up with horror/scifi in the 80's-90's also grew up with anime (heh, or "Japanimation"). I was a bit obsessed myself, and even joined the "Otaku Society" at the university I attended, where we would screen anime selections twice a week and then discuss them. That was where I was exposed to a lot of the classics of the genre.

As for the scores, I have been enthralled with Geinō Yamashirogumi's Akira suite for over two decades now, and I own quite a few different versions on CD. I would love an original Japanese pressing or legit repress. I typically lean toward the more bombastic choral scores, and if they are avant garde and/or electronic it is even better. I could never really get into the J-pop thing though. :D
By StrangeVices
@deafmetal we've talked about doing a legit Akira for sure. I think for the first few releases I really want to focus on LPs that are so far out of press and nearly impossible to find, or scores that have never been issued on vinyl, or even ever available. But with that said, I definitely want to do a special definitive release for Akira one day, so we'll see!

If anyone is interested, we posted a video of our next release getting mastered on our social media pages. This is something all anime fans, and possibly horror fans, will really be excited about.
By StrangeVices

Noisey via Vice will be hosting a Wicked City full album stream tomorrow, along with a special Tiger Lab Vinyl Subscription giveaway!
By StrangeVices
Hey Guys,

In case anyone is interested, Wicked City is streaming in its entirety over at Noisey/Vice! Enjoy!

Click Here
By StrangeVices
Wicked City will be shipping in about a week! All subs will go out first!

Below is a pic of our Comic Con exclusive Wicked City variant! Subbers will be able to purchase whatever is leftover after the con!

Then it's onto teasing titles 2 and 3 which I said on twitter, "THE anime anti-hero is coming back to vinyl through tiger lab ...and later, the most notorious anime ever comes to vinyl for the first time."

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By deafmetal
The ComicCon red vinyl looks great!

Not sure who is considered to be the ultimate anti-hero. I have Crying Freeman in my head, but probably wrong. For most notorious anime, I am going to guess Urotsukidōji!
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By The Cult Leader
Is there a limit per person? And will this cost $25 the same as the other variant on your website?
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By Dollarhyde
Subs are back up for those that were too late, for a limited time only, I think, according to tigerlabs twitter.

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By deafmetal
Based on the twitter/instagram teasing, I am going to change my guess for the next release to Devilman. >:)
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By lazyben
A Tiger Lab t-shirt turned up today which was nice, especially as I had no idea what it was (nothing about Tiger Lab on the package and it was before today's Tiger Lab email arrived). I'm next day post from where it shipped from so other subbers should be getting theirs soon.
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By blue15
Mine showed up today too, very nice!
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By deafmetal
@TigerLab, great start to the subscription. Similar to the film itself, Wicked City is something quite unique. The score keeps you guessing which direction it is going to move in. All over the map from jazzy, creepy, funky, and chill, to both sweet and nasty. Incredible idea for both your first release and the label launch.


By StrangeVices
Glad the shirts we able to go out around the same time as the vinyl!

Thanks again for all the kind words everyone.

@deafmetal, it's funny how many interviews I did when we launched and every question was, "Why Wicked City"? Everyone involved in the Tiger Lab Co.are musicians first, and this score was something I always wanted to release first when solidifying the anime vinyl idea. It's one of those scores that stands on its own, and fits perfectly inside the messed up film, and it also sounds exactly like the era it came out of. And with that said, a lot of people who saw the anime never really paid close attention to the score because they were so taken back with the film.

Things are going to crazy soon!

I'll be sending random test pressings of Wicked City, and TLV002 to random subbers too, just to thank you! They should arrive on the lucky ones' doorsteps this week and next.
@deaf - both looking very cool indeed. Man, I need to track me down a copy of the wax.
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By Hatter313
Test pressing of TLV002 spinning now on the deck...I know what this is, its just escaping me right now. Gorgeous sound though.
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By Hatter313
Derp, just got it. Fantastic. Y'all are going to be very pleased
By StrangeVices
Glad to see some stbc members got the random test pressings!!

It's a secret of course...unless you figure it out;).

I kinda like sending these out to subscribers before they are announced. I like to hear if you can figure it out. Maybe I'll do it next month with TLV003.
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By deafmetal
@Hatter - you received two different random test pressings today? Nice!
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By Hatter313
Yeah man, it was a day for surprises
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