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By Mateo Sanboval
monsterworship wrote:you can watch the movie on YouTube of course.

its got it all: hard rock, pedophlia, hitler, werewolves, midgets, montages
These are the six hallmarks of good filmmaking.
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By monsterworship
Lunaris Records presents a new original soundtrack by Vercetti Technicolor for the obscure latin american slasher/neo-giallo comedy, Maldito Amor (2014, Chile). Artwork by Eric Adrian Lee. Now shipping on classic black vinyl for the special price of $17, available at

Soundcloud samples: ... ldito-amor
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By Hatter313
deafmetal wrote:Dropping next Monday the 18th:

more info

listen here
Man I’ve had a scenario about a beach house like this in my head for years and I’ve never been able to really work it into a piece, and this is fulfilling that for me in a big way, thanks!
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By Mateo Sanboval
Do something wrong, Lunaris! I dare you. What a run.

Inks, what do the TPs look like?
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By Mateo Sanboval
Inks, you're a cagey veteran. That outer/wrap thingy is nuts. That's got some off-putting Lovecraftian/CftBL vibes going on. I wonder if that factors into the story somehow.
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By inksb
I was able to snag one of the TP of Repeated Viewing. Pretty excited. I'm also very glad they included a digital download of that album. This is going to be an expensive week. Two Burning Witch LP's at Mondo on Wednesday and a new Pentagram Home Video LP as well. Good thing I sold a bunch of blurays this week to help offset some of the cost.
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By inksb
Yeah, I'm not too impressed with it, although none of his artwork on the LPs he's done for Mondo is very good, I much prefer what he does on his tapes. What is that little illustration of a guy with his shirt off leaning up against the H? It's so strange.
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By DigitalHiss
@inksb ...this next PHV album was inspired to some degree by the film Cruising...which explains the man on the cover I think...Will be a definite buy on Wednesday for me. PHV is one of my favorite projects going on right now.

And to keep with the thread - Repeated Viewing is one of my faves as well...I sadly missed out on the test pressing...I was reloading the Lunaris page of vinyl at 1pm waiting...only to realize too late that the new LP would appear on page 2! I did order a copy of the standard version though. Can't go wrong with Repeated Viewing.

And the LP cover looks awesome - Eric Adrian Lee has a great talent but I'm starting to view him as the Dan Seagrave* of the soundtrack world...Great covers and a good indicator of quality but too much of a good thing...I'm glad RV went with Hauntlove (who I also really really like) for The Beach House.

*Seagrave is well known for his incredible artwork in the world of Death Metal album covers from the late 80's even until today. You can spot a Seagrave a mile away and love it but there is also an element of oversaturation.
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By monsterworship
thanks everyone.

I completely flaked on my shipping supplies, more shipping boxes arrive today so all of my orders will be out tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy the slipcovers, i basically just learned how to use a sewing machine a few months ago, so I spent a lot of time and money to make those myself . I also had an accident with a rotary cutter on my index finger, the beach house is dangerous.
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By ScoJo
I dig your style @monstro.

Got myself a copy reserved direct from the artiste, thanks for continuing to release RV's work - he's one of the best in the game for my taste.
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By monsterworship
Announcing the next release from Lunaris Records.

Portland Oregon duo Ozarks (Robbie Augspurger and Eric Adrian Lee) return with a newly recorded version of Riz Ortolani’s jaw-dropping theme from Umberto Lenzi’s 1972 giallo thriller Seven Blood-Stained Orchids. A release for the true connoisseur of Italian soundtracks, suspenseful grooves and gothic horror. Presented as a collectible limited edition Flexi-disc in two color variants (200 Red, 50 White), featuring a full color artwork sleeve by Eric Adrian Lee along with a digital download.
On sale Friday 7/26 1 PM EST at Lunaris Records and select retailers.

Sample: ... ed-orchids
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