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By colicub
Just found out about these people through the Graveyard Calling Facebook page, and their first album is going to be the Street Trash OST! relevant to my interests.

Have a look here.
Let me be the first to say....thanks Colicub, and

THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING NEWS!!! Freaking Street Trash people!

(Sound of man exploding into a psychedelic splooge-puddle with over excitement!)

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By static14
and Night of The Demons as well :)
By philball1974
Awesome news, will avert eyes!!
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By jgibbs4053
i havent seen Witchboard, but the wooden sleeve for it looks cool.
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By maxvelvet
Street Trash!!!!
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By monsterworship
Hello and thanks for the interest. This is me.

Will post some additional info/updates when I get back next week.
By Whip Wilson
Well, well, well. Monsterworship, I had no idea. Color me very interested. Cheers.
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By Bub
Stoked on everything mentioned. Thank you for making this happen MM!
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By toosoonjunior
Been looking forward to these releases!
By PaulZaza
hell yeah welcome:-)
By Voodoo_Jim
I picked up the Witchboard 7" (regular and test press) at Days of the Dead last weekend - gorgeous production values on the ouija board and sleeve. Side B is nicely etched as well. The Street Trash CDs were there, but I didn't have a chance to ask on an ETA for the vinyl. I (obviously) haven't had time to drop a needle on it yet.
By Hoodini
That's looks awesome ; but one thing is bugging me, why are the bonus tracks only on the lame cd format and not on wax ?
By brentonwalter
Really stoked for street trash. Witchboard looks interesting as well... can't wait to pick them up.
By oaxaca
So is there a release date for Witchboard or has it already been released? Couldn't find the info on their site! Really want this one!
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By monsterworship
The regular edition of Witchboard will be out by the end of July. There will be 3 vinyl colors to choose from (red / white / black) price will be around $8 - $10.
[quote=24166]i havent seen Witchboard, but the wooden sleeve for it looks cool.[/quote]

Your missing a very nice mid 80's film, with some nice touches, and very obvious 80's hair and acting, together bring a very nice film IMO. There was a sequel as well, but can't say your missing anything.
By ninjaqutie
I'll have to listen to their stuff later, but they both look interesting. These are both going to have to be added to my collection. I'm interested already.
I'm not sure who did the OST to "Witchcraft". I guess I could have looked it up...
By Voodoo_Jim
I guess I should have asked if there were other editions of the 7" coming out! Thanks for the heads up - I couldn't stray too far from my booth.

Were ALL of the Days of the Dead 7" test pressings of some sort, then? Both of mine are numbered. Once again, nice presentation of the vinyl and packaging!
By oaxaca
Yeh the actual Witchboard films (1 and 2) are really good if you ask me. They are very 80s/early 90s but we all know the best horror was made around then! You definitely need to see these films, they're both well made and great fun!

Thanks for the info on the soundtrack monsterworship, I'll be picking up a copy for definite!
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By jgibbs4053
Just saw on LITA that Street Trash is dropping 8/13
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By monsterworship
I will be posting all of the info tomorrow night on my website and social thingies.

But preorder for Street Trash will start on 8/13 with the shipping date being around 8/26.

Witchboard records will be going on sale this Wednesday 8/6 and are now ready to ship.

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By seb
And thanks to the kind Mr. Monsterworship they will both be available through OWS for you Euro cats.

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