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By goodnightcigarettes
Super excited for the Emerald Web and ordered it as soon as I saw it. I was fortunate enough to find their first album, Dragon Wings And Wizard Tales, a while back, and I got the double-LP comp Finders Keepers previously did. Both fucking rule. Total mid-era Tangerine Dream type stuff, mixed with an acid folk/new age vibe. Heady and brilliant.
By heelsinc
So I finally got those singles I was asking about when I started this topic. They only sent me 4 out of 5 download codes and after over a week I am still waiting for a respones to my email. Awful customer service.
HOLY FUCKING GRAILS ALERT!!!!! WHOOOOOO WHOOOOOO WHOOOOOOO............. ... -mountain/ ... y-el-topo/ ... f-reality/


I know, El Topo is relatively easy to get hold of the original Apple release (heck, I have three copies!) but that sleeve is a beauty!

Holy Mountain OST is without doubt one of my very tippest top wanty want wants on wax....and now I have the choice of both the FKR version and the US release by Real Gone records: ... track.html

They're also doing Dance of Reality with a different sleeve, and probably El Topo too for all I know! :D

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By zuko
Definitely 1-0 to FK so far with those covers, lovely stuff
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By milliondollars
i could imagine that FK's El Topo is not just your "average reissue". usually they come up with some unreleased cues & gimmicks...
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By deafmetal
The FK's version of the Holy Mountain cover art is excellent.
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By Vapormeyer
US release artwork for me which I snatched up a good few months ago, sounds great, really don't like the FKR one for some reason. Great to be able to have the choice though.
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By milliondollars
only two word:

brilliant & finally

will go for the Keepers versions, no doubt. their liner notes are always priceless, also my girl needs a new bag. no gucci or prada, just Finders Keepers...
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By Vapormeyer
Hi all, would someone mind explaining the difference between the RealGone release and the FK release of The Holy Mountain. I'm seeing a lot of talk from FK saying it's the first time on vinyl, but I bought the RealGone one from OWS in December. Is there any differences in sound at all? I know the FK version has great liner notes but just wondered on the differences, if any. Many thanks.
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By Dollarhyde
Now listening to the Belladonna mp3s as finders keepers very kindly slipped the DL codes in with my shipment invoice.

Sublime mind melting stuff. Psychedelic, jazzy, smokey and suspensful with lots of very nice groovey japanese drummimg and tripped out fx and orchestrations. Plenty of fuzz and vibes work too. Dont sleep on this one.
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By reddye6
texasvinyl wrote:Looks cool, but the price comes out to $84 USD, yikes. Maybe there will be a regular version without the embossed pleather cover.
There definitely is a regular version, and it's regular price: regular version at FK link

For US folks, the new Finders Keepers titles are available for pre-order at Forced Exposure (Dusty Groove has them listed but they aren't available to order). Also available for pre-order at FE is the Eyeball OST and The Humanoid OST LPs.

FE FK link
FE Dagored link
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By Dollarhyde

I agree, her seven waves lp is well worth checking. Reissued by FK but also not too tricky to get og on Finadar Records.

There is that awesome atari 7" also on FK.
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By ScoJo

This is a bit of a tangent, but I had the honour of promoting a show couple of years back, The Space Lady (legendary Casio/busking artist, look her up!) and put her up at my flat. In the morning after the show, we had breakfast and I had time to play her just one side of an LP. I choose a Suzanne Ciani FK album, and it blew her mind.

I blew The Space Lady's mind! Whhhhhaaaat??!

Happy day indeed.