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By havershaw
There are a small handful of pops and clicks on mine (not many at all).
Who knows if that’s because of white vinyl or not, but if you have a clean-sounding copy, i would just hang onto it.

They still haven’t answered me about getting a replacement jacket. Mine had a big crease in both the slipcover and the jacket itself.
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By inksb
I'm going to post this here as well since I have a feeling it's going to get buried in the thread I posted it in.

It's in reference to Sette Note In Nero. Any who has the record could you give this spot a listen and let me know what happens on your copy.

On Side B, please check the last 20 seconds of Ritrovamento Del Cadavere (3rd to last track). The little keyboard lick at the end distorts really bad on my copy. I haven't had a chance to do a full wet/vacuum clean yet but this is the point that I am having issues with (it is the only distortion I've heard on the first LP). I checked the digital copy I have and the distortion is there but much harder to hear, I'm wondering if it's the frequencies that my turntable is just having an issue with and distorting problematic part in the recording, making it worse than it already is.
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