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By RougeGorge
Don't let this topic die, I love Horrific/strange trailers !
By horizontalfilm
Hello everybody!

My name is Andreas and i'm brand new to this forum! I'm a bit embassred to start with self-advertisment ;-) But some friends and me are doing a small 5 episode series called "La mortiga fuĝo tra spaco kaj tempo" (The deadly escape through space and time"). It's completeley in Esperanto, but don't worry (english) subtitles are included:

Episode 1: "La okulo de la scienco" ("The eye of science"):

Episode 2: "La surplanediĝo" ("The landing")

Episode 3: "Fuĝo" ("The escape")

I hope some of you'll enjoy it, thanks for your attention,


By chuck
My brother just sent me this clip. Some of you may have seen it before, but this crazy/genius just blew me away. Wtf man? Bloody terrifying sounds!

Vinyl horror and terror

By blackwaterrisin
just finished THIS.

not great,but you can tell what song it is.
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By Purplemule74
The Believers

...I want to believe.
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By soundtracks of fear
@purplemule this is fucking amazing! Mind blowing stuff. However if it comes from amnesia in Ibiza it's probably $45 a can, but what a reality. Suited my mood tonight after a fireworks evening, even got the missus dancing.
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By Bezulsqy
I have a stack of at least 100 VHS tapes containing recordings I made from movies on TV or duplicating the movies I rented from the videostore around the mid nineties. All tapes are mouldy and I don't have a VHS player to test them. They contain movies of all sorts. The Doom Generation next to Vertigo and The Shawshank Redemption and Camping Cosmos (brilliant Belgian movie btw!) etc.
I also remember some short films that I haven't been able to find. Until now. Youtube is a miracle...

This was better when I first watched it in 1995 or 1996 when I was 15 or 16 years old :-) But still nice to revisit it. Nicky the Stripper (on the tape I found I wrote it as Nikie the Stripper)